ESPID 2018, Malmö - Programme Highlights

Programme Highlights

Plenary Sessions

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Nucleic acid – new perspectives on antique mechanisms

The CRISPR story
Marco Herold (Australia)
Ancient DNA & outbreaks
Eske Willerslev (Denmark)
Protecting medical science in the post-truth era
Chair: Miriam Frankel (Sweden)
Esther Crawley (United Kingdom)
Noni MacDonald (Canada)
Kåre Mølbak (Denmark)
Volker Fingerle (Germany)
Mark Lorch (United Kingdom)

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

21st century milestones in infectious diseases
Polio eradication
Hamid Jafari (USA)
Sepsis prevention among infants in rural India
Pinaki Panigrahi (USA)

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Best of ESPID

Education Award: Claire-Anne Siegrist
Communication Award: Hanna Nohynek

Bill Marshall Lecture & Award 

Lessons from HIV - can we eradicate congenital CMV?
Hermione Lyall, UK

Friday, June 1, 2018

Microbiomics and immunology

Neonatal microbiome and immunology
Barbara Warner (USA)
Gut microbiota: "Agent provocateur" in chronic inflammatory diseases
Benoit Chassaing (USA)

Session Descriptions

PLENARY SESSIONS​ ​​highlighting specific Paediatric Infectious Diseases topics/breaking news with outstanding speakers​.

MEET THE PROFESSOR SESSIONS covering a broad range of Paediatric Infectious Diseases​ topics, each chaired by senior experts in an interactive setting.

​INTERACTIVE CASE SESSION on clinical aspects of diagnosis and therapy of paediatric infectious diseases. Internationally recognised experts will prepare, present and discuss case reports of children with common or unusual infectious diseases.


E​very year ESPID sponsors an educational workshop for 50 trainees at the Annual Meeting. The workshop is clinically oriented and interaction between trainees and faculty is strongly encouraged. The goals and obje​ct​ives are:

  • ​​To discuss, in depth, management ​of infectious diseases in children
  • To promote best clinical practice for management of paediatric infections
  • To give trainees the opportunity to present clinical cases of infections for discussion
  • ​To enable trainees to meet experts in the field as well as colleagues from other countries and share their experiences​

The workshop is by invitation only. For details and to apply, please visit​


The ESPID research Masterclass (ERMC) is a seminar type of forum for active paediatric infectious disease groups in Europe. The aims are:​

  • T​o provide​ opportunity​ to young researchers to present their studies and discuss with other junior researchers, as well as with senio​r investigators from ESPID
  • ​To provide participants with a  broad overview of current research projects within ESPID
  • ​To ​​enhance opportunities for future collaboration between groups.

For more information on the selection criteria and application process, please ​visit

​BILL MARSHALL LECTURE & AWARD offered by ESPID to one of its senior members for their contributions to PID in general and to ESPID in particular.

​NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES including the Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception, the ESPID Annual Member and Invited Faculty Dinner, and the ESPID Networking Event​.​ 

  •  WE-Meet

    New to the ESPID Meeting this year, a dedicated area of the exhibition hall will be available to participants to hold meetings with colleagues. This seating area will be situated behind the ESPID booth and a staff member will be present to facilitate with scheduling.  

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