ESPID Annual Meeting Travel Award

ESPID Annual Meeting Travel Award

Application Submission is CLOSED

Application Deadline:  February 21, 2018

  • ​The Travel A​ward will be open to all ESPID members or to those applying for membership. 
  • The scheme will provide support for at least 100 ESPID members to attend the Annual Meeting.
  • IMPORTANT: If you are submitting abstracts for the 2018 Meeting, you must do this BEFORE you complete the travel award application form. You must submit your abstract before the February 7, 2018 abstract deadline in order to be eligible for consideration. Those who submit one or more abstracts for the Annual ESPID Meeting are much more likely to receive an award. You will need your unique abstract ID's in order to complete this application and get your maximum score. 
  • Criteria for success includes; professional qualifications and degrees, and previous and current abstract submissions to the ESPID Meeting. There are no exclusions based on age.
  • Awards will be made using a points system which includes credit for the number of abstracts submitted to this Annual Me​eting and previous Meetings.
  • Applications to the scheme must be made online by February 21, 2018.
  • Successful applicants will receive benefits including support for economy class air and/or train travel to Malmo, 2-3 star accommodation for up to 5 nights, and free registration for the Meeting.

Please note the important information below:

  • Session Attendance - Awardees will be required to log all their attendance at sessions using a QR code reader in the meeting app. This attendance log will be taken into account when assessing their future applications to the scheme

  • Registration and Accommodation - Please note that successful applicants will receive a special link to register and book their accommodation for the Meeting. Please note that the conditions of the funding given to ESPID for the award scheme prevent us from reimbursing any registration expenses and hotel bookings you make yourself.

  • Travel bookings - Please note that successful applicants will be required to contact our officially appointed travel agent and make their travel booking through the designated travel agent. The travel agent will search for a flight to Malmo (or train to Malmo) which meets your allocated travel amount (this may be the cheapest available flight which can be direct or indirect and, for train travel, may be at off peak times to minimise costs). If you are travelling by air, please note that travel between your home and your local airport and between Malmo airport and the venue, cannot be funded as part of the travel support for the award due to the conditions of the funding given to ESPID for the award scheme. You will need to cover these costs yourself. Please note that once a flight/train ticket is booked, changes cannot be made to the booking. Travel bookings made on your own will not be reimbursed.

This Activity is supported by a travel grant from GSK

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